UX Consultancy

I work with creative agencies and brand owners on user experience, customer experience and service design.​


If you are a design agency you might consider my services if...

  • You've taken on a project that's bigger than you are

  • You need help with a complex component of a project

  • You need fresh, alternative thinking on a project

  • You need help with materials and visuals to help you win a pitch​

  • Research & Analysis

    The most successful products and services are the ones that have had the most preparation and thought. My services include requirements gathering, market analysis reports, UX audits, and I can also run workshops with your clients.

  • Personas & Use Cases

    Understanding your customers is key in developing a successful product or experience. I spend time getting to know your market and your customers, mapping out their needs and objectives. This process then allows me to create a hierarchy for your website.

  • Site Mapping &

    Information Architecture

    Structuring a website well helps your customers find what they want from your site. Good signposting and clear navigation ensures that customers will return again and again.

  • User Journeys & Flows

    I work through the thought processes of your customers for every scenario of the customer journey. If the scenarios are not designed for, customers can often find themselves in a cul-de-sac, unable to complete the task they want to do. And they will quickly move to your competitors for answers.

  • Wireframes

    Wireframing is the process of planning the information within your digital product to ensure the best user experience. This process makes sure that the right messages are delivered in the right place.

  • Concepting & Prototyping

    In some cases it's useful to build a working model of your product before you commit to building the real thing. This allows you to test key features and then refine the design and interaction from the feedback. This can help you avoid expensive mistakes in your development cycle. I can build you a fully working prototype that can be shared with stakeholders and user groups for testing.

Over 100 completed projects and 20 years experience in user-focussed design for online businesses

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