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UX Consultancy

If you're an agency or large organisation, you might consider UX consultancy if...

  • ​You need help with a complex component of a project

  • You need fresh, alternative thinking on a project

  • You need help with materials and visuals to help you win a pitch​

About me

I am passionate about user experience and have advised and produced work for many big brands whilst working for several leading London agencies. I have worked on a wide range of projects from a complex booking system for a large travel company to emotive content for an adoption agency. I also spent several years working at the BBC and led the production of the first BBC iPlayer.

Previously produced UX work for BBC, Stagecoach, Deutsche Bank, EDF Energy, Premier Inn, Megabus, Southwest Trains, Sky News, Channel 4, Grant Thornton, Premier League, Bacardi.

Clients in 2022 - Bacardi & Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Over 100 completed projects and 20 years experience in user-focussed design for online businesses

BBC user experience design
UX user experience design
UX user experience design
UX User experience design
sky news
Stagecoach UX design

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