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SEO Services

Does your business need help getting found online? Good SEO can help convert your website visitors into paying customers, boosting your profits and paving the way to success! If you want to increase the traffic to your site and help customers find you easily on Google then you need an SEO strategy. If you're a small to medium sized business and want to reach more customers and grow your business then get in touch.

SEO Services include

Competitor Analysis
Are your competitors doing better than you in search results? Find out why by analysing your competitor's content to benchmark it against your own, and to inform your SEO strategy for moving forward.

Technical SEO
Does your website meet the ranking criteria of search engines? Or is it slow and badly built? Is your site technically set up correctly?

Keyword Research
Work out the exact phrases that your customers are searching for and help them resolve their problems so that you're ready and waiting to help them in the search results.

On-page SEO

Ensuring your content is written and tagged correctly is important for your Google ranking. Your site needs to be optimised so that Google can read it, and also screen readers can read it. The accessibility of your site could be important to your customers.

Link Building

Backlinks are an important ranking criteria for Google. Are respected sites linking to you and sharing your content? Do you have quality, shareable content to offer your customers?

Local SEO

Localising your site for SEO is a great way to target potential customers who are searching for products or services in your area. It helps you find new customers and increases your exposure online.

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO is optimising your site so that it reaches and attracts your ideal customers. Google uses a number of ranking criteria to position your site in search results, it's like a points system. It looks for many factors including how well your site is built, how good the user experience is, how rich your content is, how many people are linking to you. Google doesn't rank how pretty your site looks, so although this is important to attract customers, it is only a small part of the development process.

Isn't SEO a dark art?

SEO is often given this label as a lot of preparation and setup is done in the background and you might be left wondering what your developer has actually done (a bit like taking your car to the garage for a service!) SEO can take time to show results and to have an effect on your business. But when results start coming through they can have great impact on your sales and enquiries, thus giving you a return on your investment. It's important to regularly monitor the effectiveness of your SEO and make adjustments in any areas that are not performing as you want them to. The SEO landscape changes all the time so you need to make SEO services part of your marketing and maintenance plan.

How effective is SEO?

If you do nothing at all, you'll have a hard time competing in your marketplace. To get to that elusive #1 spot then you'll need to put some effort in (quite a lot of effort). Of course it depends who your competitors are. If you're selling trainers and your competitor is Nike then you'll struggle unless you're offering something really unique. But for most small to medium sized businesses it's possible to make an impact in the search results if your website is well built and you provide quality information that is useful to customers and answers their questions.

How long will it take to see the effects of SEO?

SEO should be seen as a long term investment rather than a quick fix. You will start to see results after weeks or even months rather than days, it depends how tough the competition is.

What do I need to do to get my SEO working?

Hopscotch can help you with SEO services. I'll identify the customers you want to reach and decide how you can help them solve a problem. Then I'll formulate a plan to make this happen. Everything starts with a conversation so book a call today to find out how SEO can help your business.​

SEO services quote marks

We've never had so many new patient enquiries...we had 7 or 8 new enquiries just this morning!"

Practice Manager at the Harbour Orthodontic Centre, Eastbourne (SEO customer, 2021)

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