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Case Studies

These companies wanted to know how to get their business on the first page of Google. They wanted to attract their ideal customers and get more enquiries. Hopscotch helped them to not only get seen but to get customers.

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In a short space of time I am already seeing results. I've already had 8 enquiries in less than a week.


Daniel is a talented craftsman & carpenter. In 2021 he ventured out on his own and made his own website but couldn't get the right customer to find him and contact him.

What we did

👉 Simplified his offering

👉 Improved how he communicated his work

👉 New branding & photography

👉 New website

👉 Big changes to his SEO

👉 Social media marketing

👉 Created a sales funnel and process for managing enquiries

Daniel Fyfe.jpg

Daniel Fyfe, Owner

✔  Regularly booking £18k projects
✔  Page 1 of Google
Regular weekly enquiries
✔  Increased profitability

✔  Appearing in local targeted search results
✔  Attracting high-worth customers
✔  Over 1,000 Instagram followers

This was all achieved without paid advertising!

Kingley Vale Lime & Flint.JPG

Duncan Berry, Owner

We had really, really, pleasing results. We've had many online orders and loads of returning customers"


Kingley Vale Lime & Flint is a husband & wife team, that launched a new business in 2021 starting from scratch. The owners are expert builders in flint and wanted to expand their business to start selling materials online but had no previous experience of eCommerce or anything digital, so there was lots to learn. But they had a great product, a passion for their craft and were willing to learn. They now have a viable online business, regular income and a scalable business.

What we did

👉 New eCommerce website

👉 Setup of SEO for eCommerce

👉 Mentoring in managing an online business

Duncan Berry.jpg

Page 1 of Google
✔  58% of website traffic coming from Google
        (that's 39% better than other sites in the 'Build & Construction' category)
✔  Customers spending avg. 5 mins 19 secs on the site
        (that's 92% better than other sites in the 'Build & Construction' category)
✔  Regular monthly sales
✔  Returning customers
✔  Generating sales from across the UK

Harbour Orthodontic Clinic.JPG
Harbour Orthodontics.JPG

✔  Page 1 of Google
✔  Regular enquiries from new patients
✔  Website traffic up 59% on previous year
✔  91% of website traffic from new visitors
✔  Competing with competitors

 Laura Gillham, Practice Manager  

We've never had so many new enquiries...
we had 7 or 8 new ones just this morning!"


The Harbour Orthodontic Centre is an established business in Eastbourne. Before contacting Hopscotch the surgery had a decent base of loyal patients and an established name for itself. But it wasn't attracting new customers like it's competitors were. It basically had no online presence

What we did

👉 SEO audit 

👉 SEO plan

👉 Implemented SEO

👉 Support & mentoring

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