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Hopscotch Review 2020

New year

Happy New Year (tbc)

A happy new year to you! And what a crazy year it's been for everyone. Despite the challenges of 2020, I've still managed to help several companies relaunch their business or to get online for the first time. At the start of Covid I also collaborated with two others to create, a project to promote local independent businesses delivering to the Chichester area.

Projects in 2020

Hopscotch Review 2020

(Left to right)

  • Chichester at Home, listings website for independent businesses during Covid

  • Orchard Dental Surgery, Eastbourne

  • Cassandra Wiener, Government advisor on Coercive Control

  • The Circle Wine Club, Black Chalk Wine Vineyard & Winery

  • Deborah Harwood Ceramics

  • Immersive Promotion (VR), Bath Spa University

  • Willard Conservation Equipment

  • Harbour Orthodontic Clinic, Eastbourne

  • The Chichester Cancerwise Hunt, Rotary Club of Chichester

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