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We had really, really, pleasing results. We've had many online orders and loads of returning customers"
Michelle Berry, Kingley Vale Lime & Flint

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Kingley Vale Lime & Flint launched a new business in 2021 starting from scratch. The owners are expert builders in flint and wanted to expand their business to start selling materials online but had no previous experience of eCommerce or anything digital, so there was lots to learn. But they had a great product, a passion for their craft and were willing to learn. They now have a viable online business, regular income and a scalable business.

  Page 1 of Google
✔  58% of website traffic coming from Google

        (that's 39% better than other sites in the 'Build & Construction' category)
✔  Customers spending avg. 5 mins 19 secs on the site
        (that's 92% better than other sites in the 'Build & Construction' category)
  Regular monthly sales
  Returning customers
  Generating sales from across the UK

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page 1 google.jpg

Page 1 of Google

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Grade A for performance


New website with excellent usability and returning customers

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