Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins, Digital Content Consultant

Sara Watkins is a Digital Content Consultant based in the South East and has a track record in helping businesses to reach the right type of customer.

Sara has a deep understanding of user experience which is fundamental to connecting businesses with customers.

She has over 20 years experience designing and creating digital products for creative agencies and spent several years working at the BBC where projects included the first iPlayer. She lives with her family in Chichester.

Sara has previously produced work for BBC (iPlayer), Stagecoach, Deutsche Bank, EDF Energy, Premier Inn, Sky News, Channel 4, Bacardi, Petersham Nurseries.



​At Hopscotch we start by understanding your business, your market, your customers and what you want to achieve. Then we create a strategy for moving forward to reach your customers.


Using a combination of customer targeting, good website practice, targeted messaging, strong SEO, paid ads and listings, to help you reach your ideal customer.



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